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Spin Rewriter vs The Best Spinner: Which Paraphrase Tool is Best?

If you search for the best paraphrasing tools online, you’ll most likely come across these two well-known names: Spin Rewriter and The Best Spinner 4.

We’ll see which paraphrasing tool is superior in this Spin Rewriter vs The Best Spinner comparison. We scrutinized every aspect of their performance, from the unique features they offer to how well they work. You’ll know which tool is preferable and why by the end of this article.

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Spin Rewriter is one of the few intelligent Article Rewriter tools that has received rave reviews since its initial release a decade ago.

The people behind this tool are doing quite a good job.

The tool’s yearly constant updates and the addition of new and improved functionalities, combined with the low price, appear to attract many content creators.

Others, on the other hand, dismiss it as yet another SaaS company looking to get their hands in your pockets. We’ll see if this is true.

The Best Spinner 4 is an online article spinning tool that rewrites content into several unique versions.

Using The Best Spinner 4, you can change existing content by replacing words and phrases with their corresponding synonyms.

Most spinning tools lack features like those found in this one. This includes the ability to generate audio/mp3 versions of your articles and to translate your spun content into 14 different languages.

Spin Rewriter and The Best Spinner 4 are compared in the table below:

TakeawaysThe Best SpinnerSpin Rewriter
Strengths> Supports multiple languages
> Converts spun Articles to MP3
>5-Day free trial
>Lifetime single payment.
WeaknessesNo Free Trial, No Lifetime planSupports only the English language
PromotionCheck The Best Spinner DiscountCheck Spin Rewriter Discount
Free TrialN/A5-Day Free Trial
Money Back30-Day Money-Back Guarantee30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

What is Spin Rewriter?

Spin Rewriter is one of the oldest online spinning tools, known for generating high-quality and unique content from old articles by utilizing Emulated Natural Language technology (ENL).

Spin Rewriter employs cutting-edge technology to generate multiple unique versions of the same article while preserving the meaning and context of the original. This ensures that your content will pass any plagiarism check and will never be flagged as duplicate content by Google or other major search engines.

Since its release in 2011 by SmileyTech Solutions’ Aaron Suster, this tool has been hailed as one of the smartest Article Rewriter tools available.

Because of its innovative algorithm, Spin Rewriter creates high-quality content at the level of words, sentences, and paragraphs by only altering sentence structure and synonyms when necessary. As a result of this strategy, spun content retains a high level of readability.

Since the tool is so clever, users really like it, and this has led the developers to launch a new version of the tool each year with new improvements.

Spin Rewriter has proven to be one of the most trusted spinning tools on the market.

What is The Best Spinner 4?

The Best Spinner 4 is a web-based article spinning software that rewrites content into several unique versions, supporting the English language and 14 other international languages.

The Best Spinner 4 is compatible with any computer or device that has internet access. There is no free trial, so you must subscribe to one of their paid subscriptions before you can gain access.

The Best Spinner 4 user interface

When you subscribe, you’ll be taken to the tools’ home page, where you’ll notice that the interface is simple and straightforward.

To spin articles in The Best Spinner 4, you must first create a project in which you can add new articles.

You can use this tool to create articles in a variety of ways, including copying and pasting your own or using their library of PLR (Public Label Rights) articles.

Their built-in Article Builder allows you to create original articles by selecting the category and word count you need.

Spin Rewriter Vs The Best Spinner: Pricing

Spin Rewriter and The Best Spinner both have a yearly plan. Only Spin Rewriter offers a monthly and lifetime plan.

Spin Rewriter is very simple with its pricing. It has up to three pricing plans (monthly, yearly, and lifetime plan) which all give you the same access to all the tool’s features.

The Best Spinner also has three pricing plans (Basic, Standard, and Pro), all of which are yearly and give you access to the tool’s main function, which is spinning articles. Depending on the plan you select, you will receive fewer or more credits for audio conversion and translation to other languages.

The Basic Plan of The Best Spinner is the less expensive of the two, as shown in the price comparison table below. However, if you select the Standard or Pro plan, it will cost more than Spin Rewriter.

PlansSpin RewriterThe Best Spinner
Yearly$77$67, $127, $297
DiscountCheck Discount NowCheck Discount Now

The Best Spinner provides a 3-day free trial, whereas Spin Rewriter provides no free trial at all.

To make sure there is absolutely no risk to try them, both tools offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

It is worth noting that Spin Rewriter has a couple of upsells in their program. This means that once you join the program, you will be restricted from using some of the tool’s features, such as the WordPress plugin and the Gold Membership, which are optional services that you can pay for.

The Best Spinner, on the other hand, has no hidden costs or upsells. The cost of audio conversion and translation is already included in each of their plans.

Spin Rewriter Vs The Best Spinner: Tools’ Features

When comparing the features of paraphrasing tools, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Main Features: What are the important features of these tools? TLDR: The Best Spinner has more unique features than Spin Rewriter.
  • Ease of Use: How easy is it to use the software? TLDR: The Best Spinner is more user friendly than Spin Rewriter.
  • Quality of Rewrites: What is the level of quality of spun articles. TLDR: Both The Best Spinner and Spin Rewriter produce quality content.
  • Bulk Rewriting: Does the tool support bulk content rewriting? TLDR: Both tools support bulk spinning.
  • Multiple Language Support: Is translating spun articles into multiple languages important to you? And does the tool support that? TLDR: Only The Best Spinner supports multiple language translation.
  • Audio Conversion: Is converting spun articles into audio important to you and does the tool support that? TLDR: Only The Best Spinner has an inbuilt text-to-speech technology that can convert spun articles to mp3 audio.
  • API Access: Does the tool provide API access for developers? TLDR: Both Spin Rewriter and The Best Spinner allow API access.

Let’s go over these points one after the other to see how both tools can compare.

Spin Rewriter Main Features

The following are some of the key features included with a Spin Rewriter subscription:

  • Rewrite Single-Article – This is the primary function of Spin Rewriter. It allows you to spin a single article into multiple unique versions using their powerful ENL Semantic technology.
  • Rewrite Multiple Articles – This feature allows you to spin your content in bulk to save time on repetitive tasks.
  • My Archive – Each article you spin will be saved for you. And if you ever want to find your old, repurposed content, you can do so and use it to create more unique content.
  • Profitable Affiliate Program – The Spin Rewriter affiliate program is designed to help promote the tool. It allows the company to effectively promote the product by utilizing customers who have used it and found it useful. As a Spin Rewriter affiliate, you will be given a unique referral link to promote and earn up to 50% commission on each referral you make.
  • WordPress Plugin & Integration (Upsell) – Bloggers and freelance writers are the most frequent Spin Rewriter users. Because these user groups are the most active on WordPress, the creators felt it was necessary to create a WordPress plugin specifically for their customers. With the WordPress Plugin, you can create a large amount of content and have it automatically published across all of your WordPress sites.
  • Spin Rewriter Gold Membership – This Gold membership will help you scale your content creation efforts. As a Gold Member, you’ll be treated like royalty and have unlimited access to exclusive content. You’ll be working with a team of SEO experts who are constantly on the lookout for new articles to rewrite for you. Simply give them the keyword for which you want to create content, and they will find the best the articles on the topic, rewrite it using Spin Rewriter, and email it to you.

The Best Spinner Main Features

The Best Spinner key features include the following:

  • Unlimited Spinning: You can spin as much as you want with The Best Spinner’s automatic or manual spinning. The Manual spinning option allows you to handpick synonyms for your spintax, whereas Automatic spinning is designed to rewrite your entire articles or selected text automatically. To avoid robotic sentences, you can alternate between automatic and manual spinning.
  • Unique Comparison Metrix: The Best Spinner has an incredible feature that shows you how different each spun article is from the original content or other spun versions. To determine the uniqueness of spun articles, you can also use Copyscape to perform a plagiarism check. However, you may need a Copyscape account.
  • Protected Terms: Obviously, you do not want the spinning tool to paraphrase all words or phrases. To keep the context of your article, you may want to keep some words as they are. For example, you may not want The Best Spinner to change the names of products or keywords for SEO purposes. The Protected Terms feature allows you to freeze words or phrases that you don’t want to change, and they will remain unchanged regardless of how many times an article is spun.
  • Blog Publishing: TBS4 also has an amazing feature that allows WordPress users to directly publish spun content to their WordPress blogs from within the tool.
  • Built-In English Thesaurus: This is a very powerful function of this tool. This Built-In English Thesaurus will assist you in creating unique articles with each spin by providing you with a plethora of creative synonyms. It has one of the web’s largest user-built, cloud-based English thesauruses, with millions of user entries that also functions as a spelling and grammar checker.
  • Auto Translation: TBS4 has a unique feature that allows you to translate your spun articles into 14 different languages as well as convert them to audio formats.

Ease of Use: Getting Started

Both Spin Rewriter and The Best Spinner are entirely web-based applications. This means you don’t have to download and install them before using them. If you have a PC, an internet connection, and one of their subscription plans, you can start using these tools right away.

Only Spin Rewriter offers a free trial, which means you will not be charged during the trial period. However, before your account can be activated, you must make a commitment by providing them with your payment information.

TBS4, on the other hand, does not offer any kind of free trial. You must first pay in order to gain access to this tool.

They both accept all the major credit cards and PayPal as payment methods.

Both Spin Rewriter and The Best Spinner also have a 30-day money-back guarantee just to eliminate the risk of investing in them.

After signing up, both tools will take you to their main dashboard where you can initiate the paraphrasing process.

However, each tool has a completely different way they handle the rewriting process.

The Best Spinner User Interface

When it comes to The Best Spinner, it has a cleaner interface that is very appealing.

It is designed with tabs that allow you to switch between the visual and code versions of the spun content, making fine-tuning your content easier.

The Best Spinner enables you to translate your spun articles into 14 different international languages, multiplying each article you create.

You can also use their amazing built-in Text-To-Speech technology to convert your spun articles into audio, which you can then submit to audio sites for increased reach and promotion.

Spin Rewriter User Interface

Spin Rewriter allows you to spin articles in three simple steps.

Step 1: Ener your article.

Spin Rewriter Vs WordAi

Step 2: Select words and phrases

Spin Rewriter Vs WordAi

You can choose to manually rewrite the article at this point by selecting your preferred synonyms.

When you’re finished with manual tweaks, there’s a button labeled “Finalize Article” that you can click to continue.

Step 3: Generate Unique Articles

Spin Rewriter Vs WordAi

At this point, your spinning is complete and is ready for export.

These are the few steps you’ll need to take to paraphrase articles with Spin Rewriter.

User Interface Winner: The Best Spinner

When it comes to the user interface, The Best Spinner has a much cleaner and more intuitive interface than Spin Rewriter.

This is due to the fact that TBS4 has both a Visual tab and a Code tab that allows you to preview the results in both normal text and spintax format. This way, if you’re not comfortable editing in spintax, you can easily work with the visual format instead.

Spin Rewriter, on the other hand, only supports the Spintax format, which can be difficult for users who are unfamiliar with spintax.

The Best Spinner Vs Spin Rewriter: Quality of Rewrites

When it comes to the quality of spun content, both The Best Spinner 4 and Spin Rewriter perform admirably. Both tools generate readable articles.

However, no matter how smart a spinner tool is, it will never produce a flawless article.

As a result, you should never rely entirely on them.

To ensure that your content is unique and of high quality, go through each spun article and run it through a grammar checker like Grammarly to eliminate any errors that may arise.

The Best Spinner Vs Spin Rewriter: Bulk Rewriting

When it comes to bulk rewriting, both tools provide this feature.

You can use the Bulk Rewrite feature to upload all your articles and have them rewritten all at once.

This feature saves you time by eliminating the need to process each article one at a time.

Spin Rewriter Vs The Best Spinner: API Access

API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface.

It is a software intermediary that allows applications to talk to each other.

Both Spin Rewriter and The Best Spinner provide their users with API access.

This means you can incorporate the technology underlying these tools into your own applications.

Spin Rewriter Vs The Best Spinner: Pros and Cons

Pros of The Best Spinner 4.0

  • It’s web-based, so you can spin articles without having to download and install any software.
  • This tool’s translation feature allows you to translate and publish articles in multiple languages. This is a significant benefit.
  • They also have built-in content (known as seed articles) that you can spin to create your own unique articles.
  • It includes a text-to-speech feature that lets you create audio versions of your articles. This is a huge plus.

Cons of The Best Spinner 4.0

  • Spin Rewriter does not provide a free trial period. As a result, you will never have the opportunity to test the tool before purchasing them. This is disappointing.

Pros of Spin Rewriter

  • Spin Rewriter has a free trial, which is the only lacking thing in TBS4. With this trail, you can test the tool and decide if it’s worth paying for.
  • This tool’s ENL Semantic Spinning technology provides an effective means of extracting important information from text and transforming it into new words and sentence structures. Just what an article spinner should be able to do.
  • The creators of Spin Rewriter make it a point to update their software on a yearly basis. As you continue to use the tool, you can expect it to only get better.
  • You can use the Spin Rewriter’s ENL Semantic Spinning technology in your own software applications, which is great for high volume usage and for your personal applications. As an example, you can use this technology to spin your articles right within your article distribution software.
  • To save users time, Spin Rewriter offers a WordPress Plugin that automates the spinning and publishing of content on WordPress sites.
  • Spin Rewriter offers a lifetime plan, which is ideal for those who despise subscriptions.

Cons of Spin Rewriter

  • Spin Rewriter only supports English and will not be of much assistance if you are looking for a spinning tool that supports other languages.
  • Spin Rewriter is still a software that cannot rewrite flawless articles. A human editor will still be required to proofread and make minor grammar and context corrections.
  • If you’re only interested in the main tool, Spin Rewriter has several upsells that may annoy you.

Alternatives to The Best Spinner and Spin Rewriter

If neither Spin Rewriter nor The Best Spinner impressed you, I’m happy to announce that there are a bunch of other options available.

Here are some of these other options:


WordAi is a very intelligent rewriter or a paraphrasing tool that employs artificial intelligence to generate high-quality content in a fraction of the time.

WordAi will assist you in creating content that is unique enough to pass any plagiarism check. It uses artificial intelligence to suggest the best words and sentences while preserving the original meaning and context of your text.


Rytr is an AI content writing software that is suitable for all types of content. It is a free article writing and content generator software that generates text with human-like quality.

This tool is excellent for creating a variety of content, ranging from captions to full blog posts, product descriptions, emails, and so on. If you are unable to create any of these content types on your own, Rytr is the ideal software to use. Its primary value propositions are speed and affordability.

Rytr automates the writing process by utilizing OpenAI’s Artificial Intelligence in GPT-3 technology, which includes features such as deep learning and multiple language models. It also connects to multiple online databases to provide text prediction in order to improve text flow.


QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool that can be used online (via a web browser) or in text editors like Microsoft Word to rewrite, paraphrase, summarize, and change sentence structure.

It employs optimal paraphrasing methods rather than simply substituting synonyms for words.

It works with cutting-edge AI-enabled technology to extract the most important information using unique words and sentence structure while preserving the original context and meaning of the content.


Jarvis is an AI-powered software (previously that can generate content based on the commands and keywords you give it.

This tool is an all-in-one tool for marketers and content creators that is sweeping the marketing world and allowing people to automate their content creation in a fraction of the time.

A brilliant Article Rewriter tool is included as part of all the moving parts of this software, allowing you to rewrite articles in a variety of tones.

Spin Rewriter vs The Best Spinner FAQs

Is Spin Rewriter better than The Best Spinner?

Although both tools produce comparable quality content, The Best Spinner outperforms Spin Rewriter in terms of ease of use and unique features like the multiple language support and mp3 converter.

Is Spin Rewriter Cheaper than The Best Spinner?

When comparing the pricing plans for both tools, it is clear that the basic plan of The Best Spinner is less expensive than Spin Rewriter. However, the Standard and Pro plans are more expensive than Spin Rewriter.

Do Spin Rewriter and The Best Spinner have free trials?

Potential customers can get a free trial for only Spin Rewriter. The Best Spinner doesn’t offer any free trials. Spin Rewriter provides a 5-day free trial period, whereas The Best Spinner provides does not have any free trial.

Do The Best Spinner and Spin Rewriter have money back guaranteed?

Most SaaS companies use a money-back guarantee to instill trust in potential customers by removing the risk of investing in the tools. The Best Spinner and Spin Rewriter both offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to their prospective customers.

Spin Rewriter vs The Best Spinner: Conclusion

Spin Rewriter and The Best Spinner are such established, reliable article spinning tools that going with either will put you in safe hands.

They’ve both been around for a while and know what they’re doing.

Whether to go with Spin Rewriter or The Best Spinner 4 depends on your needs. If you want the idea of creating an audio version of content and translating it to other languages, then The Best Spinner will be a better fit.

However, if you simply need a spinning tool that produces quality content, any one of these tools will get the job done. Their alternatives are also available to increase your options.

They both spinning tools offer 30-day money-back guarantees, so there’s minimal risk to giving one of them a spin.

Disclosure: This page may contain a few affiliate links, which means if you buy something through them, we may get a commission (without any extra cost to you).