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Add, change or remove Text effect in Word

Text Effect is a feature in Microsoft Word that allows you to add some fanciness to your text, making it look like a WordArt object. Using the text effects in Word, you can create fancy text such as text with reflection, text with shadow or outline, or glowing text.   

Adding or Changing Text Effect in Word

To add or change text effect in Word, select the text and go to the Home tab, under the Font group, click on the Text Effects and Typography drop-down button. From the shortcut menu that appears, click to select the effect you want for your text.

change text effect in Word

Below is a blow-by-blow instruction on how to apply or change text effects in Word:

  • Select the text to which you wish to apply or change the text effect.
  • Go to Home > Font > Text Effect and Typography.
  • A shortcut menu will show up with the available text effects. Hover your mouse on them to preview how the selected text changes.
  • If you found the text effect you like, just click on it to apply.

Also, at the bottom of the text effect gallery, you can click any of the effects listed for their sub galleries.

Below are the available text effects in Microsoft Word:

  • Outline: This text effect sets the text outline. Clicking on it will show a gallery where you can apply a color or style for the text outline.
  • Shadow: This effect adds shadow text to your selection. You can choose from many shadow options like an outer or inner shadow effect.
  • Reflection: The reflection text effect creates a faint reflection on the invisible surface beneath the text, like a partial mirror image of the text.
  • Glow: This adds some colored-glowing effect to the text.
  • Number Styles: This effect applies to numbers. So, you can use this if your text includes numbers.
  • Statistic Sets: This effect adds interest to the letter appearance. For instance, one of the styles in this sub-category will make both lowercase and uppercase the same size in height without the changing letter shape.

How do you remove text effects in Word?

Adding text effects in Microsoft Word is just as simple as removing them. However, it doesn’t involve using the same Text Effect and Typography command. It involves using the clear formatting tool as explained below.

Thus, to remove Text Effects in Word, select the text with the effect, then go to the Home tab in the Font group, click the Clear Formatting command. This clear all the formats applied to the selection including the Text Effect.

remove text effect in Word

This is how you may add or change and remove text effects in Microsoft Word.

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