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10+ Amazing Thinkific Landing Page and Website Examples

In this article, we are going to share with you some of the real-life Thinkific Landing Page and Website Examples to inspire new course creators.

If you’ve ever considered sharing your knowledge through course creation, you probably have heard about Thinkific.

You may be curious about what Thinkific offers and what is great about the technology. In this article, you will learn about these things by exploring top websites and landing pages that use the Thinkific Course Creation Platform.

But First, what does Thinkific even mean?

Thinkific is a platform that helps creators to navigate course creation, site building, landing page designs, course sales, and course marketing. With Thinkific, you have access to all the tools you need to create online courses, create resources and get people to pay for the value you are offering.

Popular features of Thinkific include the Course builder, course security, certifications, assessment, progress tracking, and community building feature.

You can try Thinkific free of charge for an entire month using our special link below:

Thinkific Landing Page and Website Examples

Below are some Thinkific Websites and Landing page examples.

1. Olive Knits

Thinkific Website Example: Olive Knits

Website url:

The Olive Knits website was founded by Maria Greene to teach the art of knitting through virtual boot camps.

Through this website, she has shared her unique knowledge and knitting inventions with different people across the globe.

The Olive knits have blossomed into a full community of knitting and fashion enthusiasts that learn together, access resources, and share knowledge.

Maria does more than just teach sweater making. She teaches creativity, confidence, and creative inspiration.

With the help of the Thinkific Technology, here are some of the superb features that the Olive Knits Website has:

  • The Knitting Blog – The Olive Knits website has a blog section on the landing page dedicated to creating real-time knitting content. The blog posts on this page are her way of adding value to her students, and any other enthusiast of the art, around the world.
  • The Olive Knit Workshop – This section of the landing page has knitting courses that are created to give learners personalized and relatable lessons. Because knitting requires practice, the courses have creative exercises and sample videos for learners. Learners can also track their skill progress in real-time through the knitting exercises. The Olive knit has tools, resources, and a community of like-minded creatives for learners to progress.
  • The Knit Camp – The Knit camp is the off-shoot community of the Olive Knits. Subscription to the community gives you access to knitting patterns every month; knitting support, and other community engagements. The Video Library is another notable feature.
  • The resources Section – This part of the landing page contains carefully curated books on knitting and sweater design.
  • The SHOP – Aside from teaching knitting, Maria sells her knitting on this website. The website has an e-commerce page where buyers can access Maria’s creations. The shop also has products from other creatives that are relevant to knitting. Learners and other customers can filter through the available products according to price and recency.

2. Dunbar Academy

Thinkific Website Example 2: Dumbar Academy

Website URL:

The Dunbar Academy is created to cater to pet owners and dog keepers.

The website contains courses that teach dog behavior, dog care, and dog training to anyone.

Users also have access to consultation sessions with dog care experts through the Dunbar academy.

The website uses Thinkific technology, and here are some of the cool features they have:

  • Free Course Catalog – The Dunbar academy has a feature that allows you to access dog care courses for free if you have a tight budget. This is true to their goal of giving value to every dog owner out there. You should however note that some contents are missing in the free feature. Users can get the missing parts by upgrading to the Top academy or the A La Carte plan.
  • The Top Academy catalog – The Dunbar academy generates revenue from the Top academy courses. This feature allows users timed access to courses, resources, and experts on dog care and management.
  • The A La Carte Feature – The A la carte feature allows lifetime access to courses, materials, and even resources. The customer just has to make a payment once.
  • The resource Feature – The website has a feature that allows users access to print and audiobooks, dog care guides, videos, and blog articles.
  • The Affiliate Feature – The Dunbar academy is made for dog entrepreneurs – who in some cases are learners – to earn through affiliate programs. The affiliate program has a progress tracking feature. With this feature, Dunbar appraises their affiliates and rewards them based on a predetermined metric system.

3. Piktochart Academy

Thinkific Website Example 3: Pikto Chart

Website URL:

The Piktochart academy is another Thinkific-based learning website.

The academy primarily teaches the art of storytelling to people across the globe. It essentially helps brands, individuals, and companies to visually communicate their ideas.

The course curriculum is clear and the learners can learn at their pace. The website helps you understand creativity, imagination, and how to give visual form to stories.

Here are some of the superb features of Piktochart Academy:

  • Curricula and Self-paced courses – The courses are broken down, and the learning structure builds up the ultimate visual storyteller. However, the curriculum is designed to make each course relevant to the learners without the others.
  • Resource Access Feature – The learners have access to soft copies of the course handouts, and they can retrieve them to their personal computers at will.
  • The Create Feature – The website does not only teach storytelling; it has a feature that allows learners to create visual stories. Essentially, learners/users can create infographics, presentations, posters, flyers, social media graphics, and similar content on the website.
  • Certification Feature – Through the Thinkific technology, the Piktochart has a certification feature. The courses are structured to build up to the assessment. Learners can track their progress objectively and gauge their readiness in real-time. The website helps determine if learners are ready and can live up to their certification.

4. Guitar Zero 2 Hero

Thinkific Landing Page Example 4: Zero 2 Hero

Website URL:

Dave Tran created this website with Thinkific technology to teach the depths of guitar music.

The courses are broken down in a beginner-friendly and well-paced manner. 

The premium plan teaches not just guitar, but music philosophy. The premium user also has unlimited access to resources, in the form of videos and documents.

Here are some of the excellent features that the website has:

  • The Lesson Feature – This part of the website allows users to learn guitar and guitar music as it applies. The courses are curated for beginners, experts, and people who just want to develop. The website also features guitar lessons from top musicians across the globe. The courses are well-paced and designed for learners to measure their progress
  • The resource feature – The resource feature also doubles as a shop. It allows users access to tools, and digital resources for a fee. It also contains a curation of blog posts and free resources created by Dave Tran.
  • The Merch Feature – The website has a Merch Feature for big fans of the guitar. The users can purchase souvenirs, clothes, hoodies, and everything in between on this page. The website has a customer support feature and a tracking feature for orders and purchases.

5. The Young Architect Academy

Thinkific Landing Page Example 5

Website URL:

The Young Architect Academy is a virtual academy that teaches the science of architecture and actively builds a community as they do.

The estimated revenue they have generated from sales is more than 5000 dollars.

The website leverages the Thinkific technology, and other techs, to build cool features such as:

  • The Academy courses – To cater to the width of the field of architecture, the academy has courses that treat architectural concepts independently. Users can take individual courses and learn them at their own pace.
  • The Boot Camp – The Boot Camp explores the benefits of the Thinkific technology more. It is a 10-week program that contains standard curricula, assessment tests, and progress reports. The Boot Camp feature also has time tracking tools that aid self-assessment and user accountability. Finally, the learners have access to a community of architects and learners for sharing knowledge, ideas, and resources.
  • The Resource Feature – This is arguably the most advanced YAA feature. The resource feature has sub-features like podcasts, special boot camps, YouTube videos, blog posts, CSE boot camps, and books.

6. Gogo Nihon

Thinkific Landing Page Example: Go Go Nihon

Website URL:

This Website is designed to help people integrate easily into Japanese communities when they arrive in the country.

It is a website built solely on Thinkific Tech and it has generated a revenue of over 13,000 dollars since its inception.

The website has a sleek interface and great user experience.

Here are some great features that Gogo Nihon has:

  • The Courses/Lessons feature – Learners have access to lessons from basic Japanese landmarks to language and culture. The course content was curated with beginners in mind. Most importantly, the pace is regulated for learners to complete within a year at most.
  • The Level Check – This is arguably the best feature of the Gogo Nihon. It helps users to know where they stand, and what type of lessons they need to take. It also works as a progress tracker for long-time users.
  • Practical assessments – Active learners take assessments that test their assimilation, and their proficiency in real-life scenarios.
  • The Blog – The Blog has written content that users and non-users can access. It also features resources, video links, and book references.
  • The Affiliate feature – This feature allows users (especially), and non-users to earn. The modus operandum is simple, refer Gogo Nihon to someone else. The affiliate feature tracks the progress of the affiliates and specifies their rewards through a predetermined metric.

7. Rachel’s English Academy

Thinkific Website Example: Rachel's English Academy

Website URL:

This academy offers a unique value proposition; it teaches English lexicon, speech, accent, and diction.

It started as a YouTube-based channel and evolved into a website and an online course built with Thinkific Technology.

The features include:

  • The Course/Lesson Feature – The academy has an English Curriculum designed to cater to almost all difficulty levels. The curriculum and the courses themselves were designed based on recommendations of the Thinkific technology. The courses contain short modules and assessment tests to ensure learning, assimilation, and real-life application. The course has important sub-features like the auto-resume function, and the conversation studies feature that enhance practice through learning.
  • The Plan feature – This design is similar to a curriculum. However, with the aid of Thinkific Technology, the academy has a daily plan that makes learning achievable in smaller bits. With this feature, learning is well-paced, achievable, and easy to finish.
  • The Resources Feature – The academy has many digital resources available for the consumption of the users.

8. Dakine Uke

Thinkific Website Example: Dakine Uke

Website URL:

This website has courses that teach people how to play Ukulele across all difficulty levels.

The website also has classes and courses for people of ages – including kids.

The courses are live and recorded at pocket-friendly prices.

Here are some of the features that make them rock (quite literally):

  • The Personalized Learner Journey – With Thinkific technology, learners can get access to a course and schedule that is unique to them. This feature allows learners to track their progress and learn at their own pace within a regulated timeframe. Learners can also revisit past errors and mistakes personal to them anytime they want.
  • E-Library Music – The Dakine website has an E-library of specially curated Ukulele music for learning and enjoyment. Just like the Course feature, it can be personalized to suit the user at will.
  • The E-commerce feature – Aside from being an academy and a music library, the website also doubles as an E-commerce site. This feature allows users to purchase their Ukulele; the tools and resources they need to learn, and related Merchandise.

9. Dental Intel

Dental Intel thinkific Website and Course Example

Website URL:

Dental Intel is another software that uses the Thinkific technology.

This website is ranked to be the best for management, tracking, and analysis of practices in dental health.

Some of the features that people respect it for include:

  • The Customer support feature – The Dental Intel has a unique chatbot that answers basic dental questions. However, their customer relationship is better than just bots. The team responds to concerns that are beyond the programming of the bots. The human feel and the expertise sets them above all other dental consultancy agencies.
  • Dental Intelligence – This is the core value proposition of the brand. With the help of Thinkific, they have courses where people learn how to navigate digitized dental tracking and health. That way, people who do not have dental expertise can monitor and manage their dental health and get real-life insights.

10. Kesler

Kesler as a Thinkific Website, Landing page and course example


Kesler is a learning academy aimed at middle school teachers.

The website was founded to equip teachers with resources, tools, and materials.

With Kesler, these teachers have automated curricula, simulations, assessments, and everything that makes teaching easy and enjoyable.

Here are some of the great features of the membership page built with Thinkific technology:

  • Resources Feature – This is a repository of resources in the form of applications, videos, audios, simulations, graphs, and every tool necessary for middle school students to learn, thrive and grow. The interface of the Kesler website is easy to navigate for both the teachers and the pupils. As a result of that, the resources are easy to use.
  • Curriculum development feature – The Kesler website takes a leaf from the Thinkific website to provide curriculum templates for middle school teachers. With this feature, the lesson preparation is easier and more fun. This feature also doubles as a planning feature. Teachers can plan lessons and assessments with the Kesler Website.
  • The Create Feature – With the aid of Thinkific technology, Kesler allows teachers to create lessons, build interactive presentations, make their schedules, and so on. The combined use of the Kesler features saves teachers the hassle of preparation and documentation.
  • Other noteworthy features include the cost-comparison feature and the FAQs on the site’s sales page.

11. Regenerate Your Life

Regenerate Your Life: Thinkific Landing page example

Website URL:

This website provides value on health, feeding, and a healthy lifestyle. The features are built solely with Thinkific technology.

At Regenerate, they believe that feeding and health can be revolutionized through technology. The core value proposition is to relieve people of the stress of diet plans.

Here are some of the best on the website:

  • The Store – The store is built to meet the demands for sources of quality food and healthy cooking items. It also has a range of healthy product categories that feature cooking utensils, food supplements, and healthy hair treatment items. The store categorizes these items and allows users to sort through them with ease. It is reputed to have a sleek interface
  • The Resource features – Regenerate your life is especially popular for its resource repository. With Thinkific the owners have developed digital books, videos, audiobooks, and editable food plan templates. These resources are designed to give people in-depth information about food, feeding, diet, and health. The meal Planner especially helps rid people of the stress of figuring out what to eat. The website also has recipe books for food enthusiasts willing to explore. Finally, the website has an up-to-date blog feature and a page for exploring enzymes and residues.
  • The course Feature – Apart from the online classes, the website has online courses to address various aspects of health and feeding. The courses were built off Thinkific Tech, so they are well-paced and easy to grasp.
  • The Support Feature – Regenerate your life arguably has one of the best-automated support features around. The website operates a partially automated and well-segmented support feature. This aids consumers’ feedback, brand-to-customer interaction, and excellent customer experience.
  • The Email Feature – The website uses the Thinkific Email Marketing option to gather emails from users. Regenerate Your life sends beyond promotional emails. They use the feature to add an off the website value to the users of their products.

12. Loyalty Lion

Loyalty Lion as a Thinkific Website and Landing page sample or example


The Loyalty Lion uses the most advanced features of the Thinkific technology. The website helps in customer relationship management for e-commerce sites. It primarily helps them gather loyalty data, plan loyalty programs, and implement them.

The Loyalty Lion is efficient in consolidating customer experience and increasing marketing Tech ROI.

Here are some features you will find very impressive:

  • The Loyalty Platform- This is a free feature that provides custom market analytics for brands. It is useful for small and medium entrepreneurs and businesses struggling with accountability metrics. The sub features include gamified loyalty plans, customizable loyalty programs, a referral reward system, and so on.
  • Net Promoter Score Feature – This tool helps brands figure out customers that are unsatisfied and need attention. That way, brands can focus on these customers and ultimately boost retention. For large businesses, the NPS works with data, analytics, and charts.
  • The Commerce Analytics feature – This Loyalty Lion feature helps brands drive sales and customer retention. It provides insights on customer return tendencies, customer loyalty, and the potential earnings of the user. Most importantly, this feature recommends strategies and loyalty structures for customer retention. It also provides a benchmark figure for users to target in their loyalty programs.
  • Resource Feature – This feature is more than just a resource repository. It has distinct sub-features that are useful for enterprises and SMEs. There is a blog that explains customer retention, loyalty, and customer relations management. There is also a feature that helps brands calculate their customer retention score in real-time. Another sub-feature creates user-specific loyalty strategies to give users a personalized experience. Other features include a loyalty result calculator for determining the effectiveness of loyalty programs.
  • The Loyalty Academy – This is the course feature. It is where users acquaint themselves with the knowledge of the Loyalty Lion Platform, and how to use it for managing customers. The courses are well spread out, easy to take, and properly paced.
  • The Integration Feature – This is perhaps the most advanced feature of the Loyalty Lion website. This feature allows businesses to integrate Loyalty Plans with their websites. Most importantly, Loyalty Lion also integrates other customer management and E-commerce software for users to leverage.
  • The Customer Support Feature – Loyalty Lion operates semi-automated customer support. There is a chatbot built with the Thinkific integration feature that allows users to get answers to most questions. Beyond the chatbots are customer relations personnel that attend to issues too complicated for the bots. The Loyalty Lion has an effective customer feature and a fast response time.

13. The Personal Development School

Personal Development School on The Thinkific course creation platform

Website URL:

This is a simple website that uses the Thinkific landing page and course feature. It teaches character building, personal development, and healthy habits.

The founder – Thais Gibson – is an expert in human psychology and counseling.

The personal development school is her way of helping people by sharing her knowledge. Users access therapeutic resources, trauma relief activities, and growth by taking these courses.

Here are some of the features of the website that make it exceptional:

  • The Course Feature – This is built off Thinkific Tech. The courses are segmented according to the needs (and mental states) of each user. That is, users get useful recommendations based on their reason for opting in.
  • The Quiz Feature – This feature is built off the Thinkific assessment technology. It helps users determine what they want – just in case they don’t know. After taking the attachment quiz, users have access to insights about their mental state, their growth, and character type


By now, you should have at least caught a glimpse of what the Thinkific technology can help you achieve.

The examples above range from simple courses, and landing pages to customer relations management websites.

Whether you are a content creator, a brand, or a marketing agency, Thinkific can help you achieve your goals.

Thinkific is also pocket friendly; you could build your courses for free with their free plan.

Don’t think too hard; you can borrow ideas from any one of the above website examples that fit, to build your landing page and or courses.

You can be the next person with these cool features.

Disclosure: This page may contain a few affiliate links, which means if you buy something through them, we may get a commission (without any extra cost to you).