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Top 5 FREE Travel Google Sheets Itinerary Templates To Plan Your Trips

A well-organized trip includes lots of things!

Google Sheets is the perfect tool for seasoned travelers, backpackers, digital nomads, and even those who have suddenly planned their road trip. It helps them plan their trip like a pro and make the most out of it.

If scheduling flights, booking hotels, things to carry, where to eat, activities to do at the destination, and similar things sounds overwhelming, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, let us discuss the top 5 Google Sheets Travel Itinerary Templates of 2023. In case you are new to Google Sheets, don’t worry because we will discuss all these templates in detail and learn to use them.

This helpful guide is going to save you money and, at the same time, make sure that you won’t be lost stressing over the accommodations and car rentals.

Before we jump into the list, let us quickly understand what you should expect from an itinerary template and why Google Sheets is perfect for your travel planning.

What is an Itinerary Google Sheets Template?

Simply put, it is a travel planner built using Google Sheets.

An itinerary template is supposed to help you save money, use your travel time efficiently, book flights and accommodations, plan the most awesome things to eat at the destination, and much more.

Such templates are designed for both business trips and personal vacations. They are mostly used by travelers who are planning across-state or international trips.

They act as your personal travel agent that stays on your desktop or mobile phone with a complete outline of the trip.

Here are a few of the benefits of using an itinerary Template:

  • Quick Access to Necessary Details – Often, while you are enjoying your trip, feel the need for the next accommodation or flight booking. Without proper tools and information, it may start stressing you in the middle of the trip. However, with the itinerary template, you can quickly have a look at the next step, including flight, hotel, car rental, and much more.
  • Save Money – Booking hotels and flights in advance saves a lot of money for you. The template helps you outline the actual budget and total money you need for the trip. This way, you can plan the restaurants and car rentals that fit your budget to help you run out of money midway.
  • Prioritize Activities – There may be various places to visit at your destination location. Without a proper daily plan, you may miss the location that was worth visiting during your current visit. The Itinerary template lets users list all those places and prioritize them based on their preferences.
  • Plan Things to Carry – One of the most stressful things while planning a trip is knowing what to take with you. It starts and ends with lots of little and huge things. Itinerary templates help you avoid getting frustrated when you need something and won’t find it in your travel bag.
  • Save Time – Finally, a well-planned trip may spare you some time for other activities that are beyond your knowledge of the destination location. You can enjoy them without any worry and make sure to manage last-minute changes more effectively.

That being said,

Itinerary templates are highly customizable and edited as per the user’s preference. It follows an easy-to-use format that can be read and understood by both beginners and experts at Google Sheets.

Why are Itinerary Templates created using Google Sheets a must-try?

There are numerous benefits of using a Google Sheet for travel planning. It is a powerful online spreadsheet program used by millions of people.

Planning an inter-state or abroad trip includes various things, from scheduling flights to things to bring.

A Google Sheets has the following benefits for travel planning:

  • Accessibility – Google Sheets is a browser-based program. It can be accessed anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection. The program is compatible with all types of devices, including desktop and mobile.
  • Highly Customizable – It is a well-developed program with an intuitive user interface. Anyone can customize the templates built using Google Sheets without any prior experience. Users can quickly add and edit the information along with the adjustments in the formatting.
  • Budget-friendly – Hiring a travel agent to manage your trip may cost you several hundreds of dollars. On the other hand, a travel planner app asks you for a few bucks out of your trip budget. But if you choose Google Sheets for travel planning, it is totally free.
  • Collaboration – A Google Sheet can be shared with unlimited users, including your family members, friends, and colleagues. This feature is particularly helpful for people who are going on a business trip. Your colleagues can edit the information in real time. Moreover, you can have a quick look at all of the changes using the “Version history” feature of Google Sheets.

These are only a few of the benefits of using Google Sheets to plan and manage both office and personal trips.

Apart from them, note that Google Sheets is a very easy-to-use program that offers extensive customization. It would hardly take an hour to learn the program to edit the information of the Itinerary template.

Top 5 FREE Google Sheets Travel Itinerary Templates of 2024

There are a range of free templates available online to manage your upcoming trip.

But we understand that you can’t try each one of them to find the perfect fit.

So, we have done that heavy lifting for you.

Here are our top picks. Make sure to explore all of them until you find the perfect fit for your needs.

1. Travel Itinerary Template By SoftwareAccountant

Click Here to Use this Template!

This Travel Itinerary Template is aimed at both office trips and personal vacations.

It is an easy-to-use design. You can download and customize this template for free.

There are three different spreadsheets in this template:

  • Planner – It holds all the details of your flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. At the top of the spreadsheet, you need to enter the trip details. After selecting the start and date for your trip, the spreadsheet automatically calculates your trip duration. You can add flight details, including the Airline, Confirmation Number, Time and Location of Departure, Gate Number, etc. It is divided into several tables, as shown in the above image.
  • Packing List – This spreadsheet helps you list all the things that need to be packed before you leave your home. Make sure to research and add the weather details of your destination location. It will help you plan things like clothes that suit the weather. Also, the spreadsheet uses tables for Documents and Entertainment equipment in case you are going on a road trip with your friends and family. Don’t forget to use the checkbox for each item to mark if it is ready and packed. It contains tables for individual travel members so as to make sure each one of them gets the thing that best suits their daily routine.
  • Activities – It is one of the crucial spreadsheets for the success of your trip. List down the things you will be doing right from the first day. It will help you plan out your visit to the attractions and events happening at the destination location. The spreadsheet is divided into days so that it will be easy for you to assign the appropriate time to each activity. Apart from the places, you can also list down restaurants to make sure you taste the best local food.

This free-to-use template is all you need for your travel planning.

2. Travel Itinerary Spreadsheet by JohnnyAfrica

Click Here to Use this Template!

This template is similar to the one discussed above. It uses a master spreadsheet where you can have a quick look at your travel summary.

It contains example information for your reference. Make sure to delete it and start adding your travel details.

There are four spreadsheets in this template:

  • Itinerary Summary – This is the main spreadsheet that holds all the trip details. You can enter transportation, lodging, and activity details along with their costs. The spreadsheet then automatically displays your spending for each day at the far right end of the table. You need to start by selecting the first day of your trip, then list down your transportation details and the activities for that particular day.
  • Flight Details – As from the name itself, this spreadsheet makes sure you book your flight tickets and plan your budget in advance. Once the tickets are confirmed, you can enter the flight number, name, arrival time, duration, and much more. At the end of the spreadsheet, you will find the total amount you are going to spend on your flight tickets.
  • Lodging Details – This spreadsheet is used to list down hotels along with their pricing and booking status. Make sure to add the check-in and check-out dates; the spreadsheet then calculates the days you will spend at that particular hotel.
  • Car Rental Details – Here, you can enter the local transportation details. The car rentals need to be planned properly to save both time and money. You can add the pickup location, pickup date, drop-off date, and car details.

It is a simple-to-use spreadsheet with a beautiful design.

At the end of the Summary spreadsheet, you will find the images of various hotels that the author booked during his travel. You can replace it with your own or delete it completely without any worry.

3. Business Travel Itinerary Template by

Click Here to Use this Template!

This template is pretty basic. It focuses on business trips.

It allows HR or Travel Managers to add the employee’s name and email address along with other contact details and the purpose of the trip.

From the start date to returning flight details, it includes everything.

It includes two main spreadsheets:

  • Business Travel Itinerary – Here, the users need to enter the flight and hotel details along with the list of activities during that particular trip. The entire spreadsheet is divided into several tables with clear headers for quick understanding.
  • Customer Management – This spreadsheet includes a list of customers or clients whom the person needs to visit. Make sure to add their name, address, phone numbers, and emails.

Note that the spreadsheet template uses dropdowns for a few fields, such as “From” and “Destination” of the flight details. To change the dropdown selection, you need to use the “Setup” spreadsheet of the template.

4. Basic Family Travel Itinerary by TheGooDocs

Click Here to Use this Template!

Are you planning a family trip?

This template is a perfect fit for you. It contains only one spreadsheet, which is pretty straightforward to customize.

It contains three main tables for planning accommodation, transportation, and packing.

You can add the trip details in the table at the top and also include the names of all the travelers.

Also, add the emergency contact details in the table at the bottom.

You can print this template and ask your kids to keep it with them for their safety.

5. Holiday Week Itinerary Template by TheGooDocs

Click Here to Use this Template!

This is another basic template on this list by TheGooDocs. It is helpful for family or road trips.

The template uses only one spreadsheet, which is divided into the 7-days, as shown in the above image.

For each day, you can add details such as things to do, destinations to visit, food to eat, etc. Also, at the end of each day, you can enter the approximate amount needed for each of the activities. 

Anyone can use this template without any prior Google Sheets experience.

Note that the template doesn’t include any field for flight and hotel details. The main purpose of this template is to help travelers plan activities and food at the destination location.


That’s all about FREE to use Google Sheets Itinerary Template. For more templates, you can visit marketplaces like Etsy that offer advanced travel planners.

For most family vacations, solo trips, and business travels, the templates discussed above are the best choice.

Feel free to comment below if we are missing any fantastic templates worth adding to this list.

Don’t forget to explore our blog for more Google Sheets tips and tricks.