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FREE Top 5 Wedding Guest List Templates & Guide to Using Google Sheets for Wedding Planning (2023)

Need to get organized with the best wedding guest list templates for Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet program that boasts plenty of tools to manage datasets. You can use it to plan your wedding, including designing invitation cards, sending invitation emails, tracking guest responses, and much more.

Preparing a wedding guest list can be a bit frustrating and time-consuming when you imagine how many people you wish to invite.

But here is the solution for all those brides and grooms to stay organized!

A spreadsheet is a perfect tool for managing a list of people you wish to invite to your wedding.

In this article, let us discuss the top 5 wedding guest list templates using Google Sheets. We will take a deep dive into basic and advanced templates, so make sure to read the article until the end.

All of them are free to download!

5 Best Wedding Guest List Templates For Google Sheets

There are tens of wedding guest templates available online. But we understand you are in a hurry and running short on time.

So, we have compiled this list of the best wedding guest templates to help you manage people you wish to invite and track invitations.

Here are our top picks.

1. Wedding Guest List Tracker by SoftwareAccountant

Click Here to Use This Template!

It is an intuitive and easy-to-use wedding guest list tracker by SoftwareAccountant.

The template is pretty straightforward. You need to start by adding your wedding date, and it will display the remaining days for your wedding to make sure you stay ahead of the time.

It is an excellent template designed keeping the invitation tracking in mind.

You can add guest details such as name, phone, email, address, city, etc.

The template uses a dropdown for all the necessary columns to make your life easier. Moreover, tick the box if you send an invitation to guests.

Once you add your loved ones to this wedding guest list, the template will automatically count the number of guests and display it on the left side of the spreadsheet.

SoftwareAccountant’s wedding guest tracker uses an attractive design. Share it with others and let them fill the guest list for you.

2. Wedding Guest List Template by Smartsheet

Click Here to Use This Template!

This simple yet powerful guest list template by Smartsheet is ideal for grooms and brides for their weddings.

It lets you add guest names, addresses, emails, invitation status, etc.

Dropdowns throughout the table mean you don’t have to spend much time adding guests to this template. Also, dropdowns will help you quickly analyze all the added guests and know who is coming and who is not.

You can also select to send an invite for either ceremony or reception.

The smart template automatically calculates the number of guests based on current filters and tells you how many invites you need to spend.

Using this template is pretty straightforward because all the columns are named properly, and most contain dropdowns to simplify your life.

3. Wedding Guest List Invitation Tracker by Spreadsheetpoint

Click Here to Use This Template!

It is an advanced wedding guest tracker from Spreadsheetpoint. The template mainly focuses on tracking invites.

On the left side of the spreadsheet, you can select your wedding date and see how many days remain.

It also automatically calculates the number of sent and pending invites.

You can add guest names, phone numbers, emails, and mailing addresses to this template. Use the checkbox to mark the contacts to whom you have sent the invite and who have responded to the invitation.

The template includes two more spreadsheets apart from the guest list tracker as below:

  • Guest Gifting List – As from the name itself, this spreadsheet allows you to prepare gifts for families and friends invited to your wedding. The spreadsheet will enable you to define the time or venue to give the present, along with names and respective gift items. Use the check box to mark if the gift is ready for the person. On the left side of the spreadsheet, you can see the total number of gifts to prepare, how many are ready, and how many remaining to be prepared.
  • Guest List’s Food Preferences – This spreadsheet lets you plan your food and expenses properly on your wedding day. You can use the checkbox to mark if your guests love to eat Beef, Pork, Chicken, or Veg. Also, for a few guests, if you are aware of their diet restrictions, you can add that to this template. On the left side of the screen, you will have a quick look at the number of adults and children attending your wedding. Additionally, you can define the Cost per Person, and the spreadsheet will automatically calculate the Total Food Cost.

This is a simple template with advanced features. Ensure not to touch any formulas in the sheet, as it can break the sheet, and a few features may stop working.

If you are searching for the best wedding guest tracker, this is a perfect fit.

4. Wedding Guest List Tracker by Botanical Paperworks

Click Here to Use This Template!

This free-to-download Wedding Guest List Tracker by Botanical Paperworks is similar to the template discussed above by Spreadsheetpoint.

It includes a small dashboard where you can quickly look at the wedding date and number of days remaining. It also automatically counts the total number of guests invited, confirmed guests, and who have yet to reply to the invitation.

The template uses a simple table to add guest names, addresses, and phone numbers. It also allows you to mark whether the invitations are sent and whether guests have responded to your invitation.

You can also keep a record of the people you invited and the number of actual people attending through an invitation.

It is straightforward, and even a newbie at Google Sheets can use this template.

For the sake of simplicity, our team has added dropdowns to the columns named “Invite Sent (Y/N)” and “Reply Recieved (Y/N)”.

5. Wedding Guest List by Doctemplates

Click Here to Use This Template!

Another aesthetically pleasing and comprehensive wedding guest list tracker. It is our final pick on this list, which boasts almost all the required features.

It automatically displays the number of loved ones invited by you, total attendees, food cost, and reception budget.

This template is on our list because it lets you estimate the reception and food costs. It will help you stay ahead and avoid headaches if something goes wrong.

Note that apart from guest information such as name, address, and email, the template allows you to describe the Diet Restrictions and Gift Descriptions in a single table.

This freebie doesn’t use any dropdown. It means you can input whatever is on your mind without any restrictions.

It can be printed and used to plan your wedding guests.

Make sure to play around with the cell background colors and template fonts before you print this masterpiece.

How to Create a Wedding Guest List in Google Sheets

Not interested in using a standard wedding guest list tracker template!

Let me help you create one from scratch in Google Sheets.

Google Sheets offers various tools to create beautiful and advanced templates for multiple purposes, including wedding planning.

In the following section of the article, we will create a wedding guest list from scratch. Refer to the following image.

We will design a simple table with dropdowns and checkboxes.

Let’s begin,

STEP #1 – Design the Table Header

The table header is a crucial element for appearance and data analysis.

Here are the steps to design the table header for our wedding guest list tracker:

  • Open a new Google Sheet by clicking here
  • Select the first row
  • Increase the height of the first row as shown below
  • Now, select the cell “A1
  • Type “Name
  • Click on the cell “B1
  • Type “Phone
  • Repeat the above steps and enter the column header names as shown in the following image

    (Our column header names are Name, Phone, Email, Mailing Address, City, State, ZIP, Invited by…, Category, Invitation Sent?, RSVP, Gift description, and Thank-you sent?)
  • Select all the column headers as shown below
  • Change the cell background color to dark green (Hex Code – #013220)
  • Reduce the default font size to 9
  • Change the font alignment to the middle
  • Change the font color to white
  • Make the font bold

Here’s how our header looks after following the above steps,

Note that you can add column headers as per your preference and follow the next steps.

STEP #2 – Add dropdowns to the table

As per the above image, the dropdowns are there for three columns.

  • Invited by… (Column H)
  • Category (Column I)
  • RSVP (Column K)

We will look at the steps to add the dropdown for the “Invited by…” column and repeat them for the rest of the columns.

Let’s begin,

  • Select the cell “H2
  • Hover to the main menu and click on the “Data” tab
  • Choose the “Data validation” from the popup
  • A new popup will appear on the right side of the screen
  • Click on the “Add rule” button
  • Now, you will see an empty box, as shown below
  • Click on that empty box and type “Bride
  • Similarly, click on the next empty box and type “Groom
  • For the next empty box, click on the “Add another item” as shown in the following image
  • A new empty box will appear; click on it and type “Mutual
  • Add another box by clicking on the “Add another item” button
  • Select the new box and type “Family Request
  • Now, click on the “Advanced options” button
  • Scroll down to see the following options
  • Tick the circle before “Show a warning” and “Arrow“. Refer to the following image
  • Click on the “Done” button in the green

Now, if you return to the cell “H2”, you will see a small dropdown icon. After clicking on it, you will see the following options.

To apply this dropdown to the rest of the cells, simply select the cell “H2” and hover over the Fill Handle on the lower-rightmost corner of the cell. Click on it and drag it to the end of the table.

Repeat the above steps for the remaining two columns: “Category” (Column I) and “RSVP” (Column K).

STEP #3 – Add checkboxes to the table

Consider the table image again.

Here, the checkboxes are available in the two columns: “Invitation Sent?” and “Thank-you Sent?”.

Let us insert the checkbox for the “Invitation Sent?” column.

  • Select the cell “J2
  • Hover to the main menu and click on “Insert” tab
  • Choose the “Checkbox” option from the popup
  • A checkbox will be instantly added to the selected cell, as shown in the above image.
  • To insert the checkbox for the entire column, click on the cell “J2” and hover over the Fill Handle until you see the “+icon
  • Click on that “+” icon and drag it to the end of the table.

Repeat the above process to add checkboxes to the “Thank-you Sent?” column.

STEP #4 – Apply formatting to the table

Our header is already formatted as per the requirements. The only thing that remains is choosing the appropriate font type. We have used the “Plus Jakarta Sans” for this template.

Next, we need to format our table. So, let’s begin.

  • Select all cells of the table as shown below
  • Go to the toolbar section that sits below the main menu and click on the Borders icon
  • You will see a popup as shown below
  • Click on the pencil icon and select the light gray color
  • Now, click on the “All borders” icon from the popup
  • Change the cell background color to light yellow (Hex Code – #f1efc8)
  • Change the default font size to 9
  • Make the font bold
  • Change the font alignment to the middle
  • Use the “Plus Jakarta Sansfont type
  • Change the text color to dark green (Hex Code – #013220)

Our wedding guest list is almost ready. But let us first disable the Gridlines for the spreadsheet.

Here are the steps,

  • Go to the main menu
  • Click on the “View” tab
  • Select the “Show” option from the popup
  • Untick the box before the “Gridlines” option

Finally, make sure to adjust the column widths and row heights as per your preference.

Here’s how our wedding guest list looks.

You can click the following link to download the template we created using the steps above.

Click Here to Download!

Final Words

The above wedding guest list tracker templates are enough in most cases.

However, if you are still looking for what you need, follow the steps above and create a template that perfectly meets your requirements.

Google Sheets is an easy-to-use spreadsheet program, so even if you are a beginner, it should not take much time.

Let us know in the comments section if we are missing any excellent wedding guest list tracker templates worth adding.

Also, if you are stuck somewhere while creating a wedding guest list tracker from scratch, then comment below. I will try to answer all of your questions as soon as possible.