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Why QuillBot is the Best Paraphrasing Tool

QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool used by writers to refine their work. What differentiates QuillBot from other paraphrasing tools is its unique AI functionality that doesn’t just replace words with their synonyms. Every sentence is paraphrased in such a way that it makes complete sense to the reader. 

In this article, we will discuss why QuillBot is the best paraphrasing tool to use for writers. 

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What is Quillbot Best used for?

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Often our mind goes blank while we are trying to re-write a sentence. Or when we want to impress our reader with well-crafted sentences and good vocabulary but can’t come up with satisfactory content. This is exactly what Quillbot does for you. It helps you rephrase sentences and make your writeups ten times better in half the time. 

QuillBot has a unique functionality of requilling or rephrasing. If you don’t like the first paraphrased piece of content, you can click on the requill or rephrase button. You can keep doing this until you achieve the desired results. 

In addition to making your writeups better, Quillbot is widely used to remove plagiarism as well. 

What’s the need for paraphrasing with a tool?

  • When delivering material to a variety of audiences, paraphrasing is essential. For example, a space science expert may translate new research into a simpler language in order to deliver the findings to the general audience in a form that they can comprehend.
  • This ability can be used to demonstrate your comprehension of a work’s primary ideas or arguments.
  • You can change the emphasis of your writing by paraphrasing sentences. 

When you shouldn’t paraphrase with QuillBot

Citing the information in your work with quotes is recommended when the original work is strong and compelling.

It conveys the message, and it’s exactly what you require.

Sometimes citing a good source can make your writing more valuable since it’s backed by evidence.

Can plagiarism be detected by Quillbot?

Since it changes the sentence structure, it’s considered safe and reliable to produce plagiarism-free content. Furthermore, it changes words and the sequencing of a sentence, protecting you from the TURNITIN software.

Most of the time, it’s nearly impossible to detect Quillbot’s content while running a plagiarism check, but it’s recommended to do it yourself first before submitting the work.

We can rely on Artificial Intelligence, but checking your work manually and reading each sentence for correct structure is always necessary. 

We don’t recommend using QuillBot for cheating purposes since its sole purpose is to improve your writings and minimize the time. 

What are the Features of Quillbot

  • Editor interface: Straightforward, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface. No technical knowledge is required. 
  • Web-based: Quillbot is a tool that you can use on any browser and you don’t have any system requirements.
  • Extensions:  Since most of us work on MS Word or Google Docs, Quillbot offers extensions for all these to simplify your tasks.
  • Summarizer: Quillbot offers a summarizer that is used to simplify your content. 
  • Flipping words: It allows you to regulate the number of terms in your spinning material that are replaced with synonyms. You can do so by adjusting the slider that corresponds to it.
  • API (Application Programming Interface): Quillbot offers an API that you can implement on any piece of software where you require QuillBot’s functionality. 
  • Quill Modes: QuillBot offers seven quill modes that you can use according to your requirements. For more information about Quill modes refer to the next part of the article.

Different modes of Quillbot

Modes are a way to change what the QuillBot AI focuses on when you paraphrase your writeups. 

Each option focuses on different aspects of your writing.

Standard Mode:

It’s set up by default. While paraphrasing, this mode makes sure with the help of AI that your sentence is not arbitrary. It’s not out of context, and it has a meaning. 

Fluency Mode: 

The goal of Fluency mode is to make your text sound natural and correct. This implies it will make the fewest modifications to your text while preserving most of the original meaning. When you choose this mode, the Synonyms will be set to the lowest feasible level.

Creative Mode: 

The Creative Mode focuses on modifying as much of your input text as possible. However, the meaning or overall cohesiveness of the results may be affected as a result. If you want to view something completely different from your original text, you can utilize this option.

Creative+ Mode: 

Creative+ Mode employs a more advanced version of the Creative Mode. It produces more intuitive alterations and has a better understanding of certain aspects of language, such as common phrases.

Formal Mode: 

This mode is well-suited for formal communications. If you’re writing for an academic or business audience, this format is ideal.

Shorten Mode: 

This mode tries to condense your content as much as possible while still maintaining its sense. If you want to reduce the number of words, shorten mode is quite handy.

Expand Mode: 

Expand mode tries to lengthen your content by adding words. If you wish to increase your overall word count, this option is useful.

What’s free for me in Quillbot?

Standard, Fluency and Creative modes are free to use. A paid subscription is required for Creative+, Shorten, Expand, and Formal modes.


In conclusion, we can undoubtedly say that QuillBot is the best paraphrasing tool. 

We started our discussion with reasons why quillbot is the best paraphrasing tool. Then we moved on to what quillbot is used for and its unique functionality. In the end, we discussed the features offered by quillbot, which makes it one of the best paraphrasing tools available right now. 

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